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How to Plan a DC Engagement Photoshoot

Planning an engagement session is super important to get ideal results, especially in a heavily populated place like Washington DC. Here is a way to achieve the perfect modern engagement session that will be Pinterest worthy!

  1. Plan two different outfits that have similar vibes, Stick to white or neutral colors. Makenzie wore a Selkie Puff Dress and a white suit from Zara

  2. Find two locations that are relatively close to each other. In this photoshoot we did the Library of Congress and the National Portrait Gallery.

  3. Wear something you have worn before so you know you like how you look in it.

  4. Nows the time to practice your trail hair and makeup for your wedding! Try to plan this with your HMUA!

  5. Verbalize your vision to your photographer. Makenzie knew what she wanted for her DC engagement session and I was simply there to bring it to life.

  6. Make sure you plan this during light tourist times! Knowing these were indoor locations, we went early afternoon on a weekday to avoid crowds.

  7. Get some florals! We love an accessory.

  8. Bring a change of shoes to walk around in if you are wearing heels!

  9. Make it a date night! You look amazing, plan a nice dinner after to celebrate.

  10. These photos should reflect YOU. Bring your personality to the session.

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