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This package was made for growing and changing families with authenticity at the center of it. As my own family is growing (baby coming in December 22), I  realized how many huge milestones will be happening for us in a single year. I  wanted to create a package that supports that and would be formable to each nuclear family. 


the details:

This package includes 3 sessions that can be used throughout a year. For instance: Session 1- Baby announcement, Session 2 - Gender reveal, and Session 3 - Welcome Home Baby. 

Each session is 1 hour long and you will receive 50-80 images with full printing rights and two highlight videos per session. Each family will also be given style help for outfits! 

Session Options:

- Classic Family Session 

- Maternity 

- Baby announcement 

- Gender Reveal 

- Welcome Home Baby

- Studio Family Session

- Cozy In Home Session 

- Family Cooking/ Baking

- Painting and Crafts 

- Lets go to the zoo! 

- Happy Birthday 

- Breastfeeding


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